Window and Door Installation

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing new windows or doors is how to factor in the installation costs. As a homeowner, you surely recognize the importance of quality installation services. Even if buying the best quality products, improper installation may result in leaks, drafts and poor efficiency, which is the opposite of our goals.replace your windows today

Winmax’s teams are thereby dedicated to the best quality installation services for all of our window and door products. In order to ensure your satisfaction, we measure, double check, and triple check to assure the correct fit for your installation. In order to guarantee the best installation of our products, and to ensure your total satisfaction with our products, we take the following measures to install your windows or doors:

We prevent moisture and wind intrusion by only installing products meant for your climate and area.

Installing only products intended to meet the performance levels for your job, we eliminate the possibility of installation issues as a result of climate, moisture and use. For example, if your front door is subject to high winds, we’ll always suggest doors with higher design pressure ratings than others. Similarly, with windows and moisture ratings.

We take into account building codes and individual needs.

If installing new windows and doors, you should take into account the kind of windows or doors your home will benefit from. Our teams will guide you, helping you choose products which grant enough clearance to meet building codes, and can be installed for accessibility to your home.

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Energy-Efficient Windows

When new, energy-efficient windows and doors are installed in a hope, the existing heating and air conditioning systems need to be balanced to accommodate the reduced levels of filtration through the windows and doors. You don’t want higher pressure, as this can cause whistling and howling noise in your home’s filters and system, and may lead to water and moisture causing problems in places before unthought of. Our teams will help you rebalance your system to prevent this prom happening, and for you to be able to make the most of your new windows and doors.

We install windows and doors according to manufacturer specifications.

Never taking action inconsistent with a manufacturer’s instructions is a sure way to ensure that your windows and doors are installed properly.

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We can advise you on what kind of window or door to install in what situation.

We understand that replacing your windows and doors in different styles is likely to change the interior and exterior of your home. For these reasons, we can recommend where you should install awning windows, single slider-tilt windows, bay windows or other, and why you should avoid installing an-all glass front door in an area with low temperatures. We’re your window and door experts and will guide your through the selection and installation process.

Our Qualified Teams

Our teams also provide repair service for all windows. Once placed and installed, we ensure that the window is a proper fit, is properly measured and fit to your home. Once placed and installed, new windows are then sealed, panelled, caulked and properly trimmed to prevent misalignment, leakage and drafts. To avoid improper installation, we always recommend hiring a professional to install and fit your windows to your home.

Renovate and improve with confidence, and always hire professionals when undertaking any serious home improvement projects. The difference between professional installation and unprofessional can end up costing you as much as your window/doors themselves.

Winmax installs, replaces and repairs windows and doors for both interiors and exteriors. We stock a number of windows and door varieties such as awning windows, bay windows, sliding windows, double hung tilt windows and custom windows, interior and exterior doors. Contact us for windows, installations and repairs throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our technicians are reliable, insured and trained. Call us at 416-491-4400 or  Contact Winmax today!